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We’re currently looking for:

Series:  Dedicated chapter/journal once a week or month with the same character.  It can be a totally new character, or one that you are already playing.  

Single:  One-off entries that involve covering an event like a reporter.  Examples include an arranged in-game event, something fantastical that you or another player did in-game, or an aspect of the game itself that lends well to sensational media.

WAIT!  There are a few requirements before you begin feverishly scribbling on your parchment.  All chapters must adhere to the below:

#1:  Nothing higher than R rating.  Sex, blood and cursing are all fine in moderation.  I really don’t feel like reading a stinted porno script.  And I will reject you if things get out of hand, so fair warning.

#2: Chapters/Journals are honor-bound.  This means that you agree to write what actually happens to your character in-game after a play session.  You are not sitting at home making all of this up in your head (granted a fair portion can be made up and I have no doubt you all have imaginations the size of Jupiter, but they should still be based on in-game happenings).  Because it is illegal for me to install cameras to make certain this is actually what you are doing, I’m trusting you to stick to the honor code.

#3:  When a character dies in-game, the Series for that character is over.  Otherwise known as Permadeath.  I don’t care if that Kaguti came out of absolutely nowhere, that idiot was cheating! or you just didn’t see that crevasse.  You can of course keep playing that character for your own personal use.  But dead is dead on Scrolls Abound!.  This ties in with the honor-code: it’s up to you to be honest and write a character’s death, even if it nearly kills you.  The silver lining if that happens – you can submit a new chapter for a new Series with a new character!

#4:  Commitment.  If you request a Series character, please be prepared to upload one chapter per week or month.  I prefer chapters that are linear – leading from one to the next like a book – but am always open to something else that also works.

#5:  Screenshots/Pictures.  They make things prettier, more interesting and provide context.  Please be able to provide at least one screenshot or picture per chapter.  

#6:  Any POV.  This is about immersion, and first person puts people right in the heart of the action (and the character).  But, third person allows for a greater range of description and knowledge on the part of the reader.  So, anything goes!

#7:  Only medieval/fantasy/historical genre characters.  No sci-fi, high-tech or any era that doesn’t use scrolls as it’s primary means of paper.  If your character types on a tablet, keep it on the back burner – a sister site for futuristic RPGs will be up and running soon.  That said, any platform that can provide an entertaining story and pictures will be considered; xbox, PC, playstation,tabletop, LARP.

#8:  You do it for love of the story/characters/adoring fans.  If I could pay you ten trillion sacks of coin for your efforts I would.  Please accept a heartfelt thank you, and a pint of mead at the next tavern.

Good!  We’ve covered the basics.  Now, once you’ve decided your character can fit all of the above criteria, it’s time to submit a sample chapter.  Chapters must be:

#1:  No more than 3,000 words (ish), no less than 500 words (ish).  If your character is picked up for a Series, this goes for all future chapters as well.  The reason these chapters are so long, compared to the now-usual 300 word blog posts, is that these are meant to be chapters, not quick dribble posts. You will have an audience hungrily awaiting the next installment each week – give them something meaty!

#2:  Proofread.  Proofread proofread proofread.  Grammar is important.  So is spelling.  I know you can do both.

And that’s it for entry requirements!  Now on to information. Copy and paste the below into your submission email and please fill out all sections:

Your Name:

Your Email:

Your Website (if you have one):

Platform (Xbox, PC, etc.):


Your Character’s Name:

Your Character’s Class/Rank/Skill Line (mage, tank, farmer, queen, etc.):

Description of Your Character (No limit, write as much/little as you want!  Physical description, background, motivations…):

Description of Event (If you are submitting for a Single entry):

Subtitle for Chapter:  Every chapter’s title will be the name of the character and Chapter Number.  The sub-title is descriptive of what is happening in that particular chapter.  It can be as simple as “Day 1”.  If you don’t pick one, I will 🙂

Sample Chapter (If you are submitting for a Single entry, this is either a pitch to cover a future event, or the exact entry you would like published):  You can either copy and paste your entry here or attach it to your email.

Excellent!  Once you’ve done all that, send it all to:

And if for some reason I don’t feel that your submission is a good fit at this time, I will tell you exactly why.  That way, if you feel so inclined, you can re-submit at any time with better odds!

It’ll be worth it – how fun will it be to see your exploits in print, for all to read and discuss??  I mean, bards are good for a carousing sing-song and possibly some quaffing, but scrolls…they’re forever.