Vipsania Endwyn

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With no family, money or possessions left after she killed her mother, the young cutpurse-in-training sets out for the northern Nord territory of Riften to join the Thieves Guild – only to be rudely snatched to Coldharbour, informed she has no soul and dumped into the city of Daggerfall, where she decides to search out the Guild.  And find shoes.

Creator: Kljindra Star-Sworn

Game: Elder Scrolls Online

Platform: Xbox One

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Eye Color: Golden Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Height: 5′ 4″

Race: Imperial

Faction: None

Class: Nightblade

Profession: Cutpurse-in-training (Thief)

Hometown: Imperial City

Family: Sister, Agrippina DECEASED; Mother, Julia DECEASED; Father, Tiberius DECEASED

History:  Grew up very poor in the Imperial City.  She had an abusive mother and absent father, but a very loving older sister named Agrippina.  The two sisters were extremely close.  During a serious altercation with their drunken mother, Agrippina died and Vipsania was burned badly on the shoulder and cut on the arm.  Following the burial of Agrippina, Vipsania killed her mother (after thinking long and hard about it) and decided to run away and join the Thieves Guild in the most remote part of the empire – Skyrim.  She had dabbled in thievery throughout childhood, and was decent at it.  She has vowed to never kill an unarmed innocent again.  She prefers to stay out of the way and not draw attention to herself.  Vipsania also enjoys having a good time with people and drinking – mead is her favorite, beer a close second.  She eats like a bear and tends to hoard her food.  She is known in the Imperial City for her eyes, which have a golden sheen due to a very small High Elf ancestry on her father’s side.    This also gives her a bit of a boon magically.  She wears a pair of gold earrings that were her sister’s.  Her build is delicate, but strong.

Personality:  Upbeat, cheery, cheeky.  Flirty without letting them get close.  Avoidant.  Flaky.  Never serious unless with someone she knows really well.

Primary Weapon:  Dagger.  Never uses anything large or brutish.  No shield.

Armor:  Medium or Light armor only unless it’s a very pretty or distinguished piece of Heavy armor.

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