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Welcome everyone!  I’m Kljindra Star-Sworn, creator/editor of Scrolls Abound! and enthusiastic patron of RPGs. This, combined with a passion for writing and reading, led to the creation of this website.

Here you’ll find not just my own forays into the world of Elder Scrolls Online through the guises of various characters, but also a curated collection of tales written by fellow players.

All journals are real-time in the sense that writers create chapters immediately after playing a character, and all characters are on-going until death of said character.  Which brings us to the one and only rule:


*cue thunderstrike*

Yes, when a character dies in-game, he/she dies on Scrolls Abound!  There is no reset button here.  

So it’s basically like reading a chapter of a book each week, never certain when – or how – that book is going to end.

Now on to the scrolls – adventure awaits!